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Friday, July 20th 2012

9:28 AM

Sexy japan preteens


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From: Lionel
Subject: Crime and PunishmentThe following story (The Confession) is based on a real life
experiences that I put together into a story with some
embellishments. Although it isn't mentioned explicitly, we used
condoms and encourage you to do the same---always!Crime & PunishmentChapter 1 The ConfessionFor professional reasons my boyfriend Mike is absent very often. So
we decided that we could have sex with other men under the condition
to tell each other. Since we are into role play, preteen bbs sports with me being the
bottom, I had to be punished for having sex with somebody else. I'm
into punishment, so that was more an incentive for having sex with
other people.
Last weekend I had sex with a very dominant guy at one of the local
bathhouses, and of course, I mentioned it in an e-mail to my
boyfriend and Master. I immediately got the following reply:Boy,
you have failed and must be punished. Be ready tomorrow at 6 p.m.
You'll have to confess all the details while I torture you. After
your confession there will be a court martial that will decide on
your punishment. Prepare preteen barefoot girls the court room and the torture chamber and
be ready!
Your Master & JudgeI got very excited naked assian preteen
and could barely sleep, thinking about how to
prepare our rooms for the event. The torture chamber was no problem,
we regularly used one of our rooms as an improvised dungeon, so that
was easy. The court room could be our living room. I bought some
candles to create a solemn atmosphere. One of our easy chairs was to
become the judge's chair with a table in front. The slave just had to
kneel before it.Shortly before six, I shaved and cleaned myself; naked as I was I
knelt down at the front door to wait for my Master. Precisely at 6
o'clock my Master arrived, came inside, bowed down and gave me a deep
kiss. Then he took out my dog collar and fixed it to my neck. He then
guided me to the torture chamber without saying a word. I had to lie
on my back on a small table, my Master attached my wrists and ankles
to the table legs and immobilized me with a belt around my waist. As
he started girls preteen picture to torture my nipples, he hissed into my ear:"Confess!"I did as I was told and began to tell the whole story:"I leaned at one of the vertical beams where they show porn videos at
the bathhouse and took of my wet towel. Several people passed behind
me and touched my naked ass in passing.""So you put yourself on display!" growled my Master while he
increased the pressure on my tits."Yeah, somehow^×then somebody got more bolder and groped my buttocks
while I continued to watch the video. He leaned his body against my
back and instinctively, I spread my legs. He reached through and
fondled my balls with one hand, while the other reached around to
touch my nipples."My Master put a real nude preteens
blindfold over my eyes and I soon was to discover why..."Continue, slut!""I leaned back into his arms. By now, he must have felt that I am a
complete bottom and he must have liked the idea to dominate me. I got
very aroused and he chuckled when he brushed over my hard-on..."I felt drops of wax fall over random parts of my body. As I was
blindfolded, I never knew preteen tiny model where the hot wax would hit me next and I
couldn't avoid it anyway. I continued my story:"He pulled back my head and whispered into my ear, calling me his
bitch. Then he touched me almost everywhere, examining his prey."More drops of wax..."He placed a hand on my neck and began to guide me^×naked as I was^×to
one of the booths, holding me tight to his body. I could feel his
upcoming erection at my back. We entered one of the booths without a
door, so there wasn't much privacy. He pulled down his towel and made
me kneel in front of his growing preteen diaper video dick. I looked up his body and he
looked gorgeous, so powerful!"My Master began to aim the wax at the more sensitive parts of my body
and I couldn't help yelping."Stick to your confession, pig!"I continued knowing that the following part would earn me even more
punishment."I begged my captor to allow me to suck on his dick. It was very
humiliating, because other people were standing around and listening.
He fingerfucked my mouth, while his dick became even harder right in
front of my face. Then he began to slap me with his dick. As soon as
he took out his fingers, I began to work on his dick. He was russian preteen 16 quite
amused by my eagerness."More yelps interrupted my account, because wax dropped on my dick and
the pain was excruciating."His dick was rather huge and I began to choke on it several times.
This made him angry, he drew back his dick, spit me in the face and
turned me around. In front of a cheering crowed he began to spank my
ass, while his spittle ran down my face."
While still dropping wax on my dick, my Master began to work on my
balls. I had to hurry on, because that could really get painful."After some spanking, he began to fingerfuck my ass, first with two
fingers and then with three, and before I really got used to it, he
replaced them by his dick."My Master was beating my balls while I described how I was fucked:"After shoving his dick into me, he waited about a minute or so, to
let my sphincter adjust to the size of his dick, then he began to
thrust^×slowly at first, but increasing his pace. While I got fucked,
some of the by-standers came nearer. Someone squeezed past my
penetrator, took hold of my sexy japan preteens dick and started to wank me. I began to
moan loudly and thus attracted more attention and by-standers."The on-going torture of my cock and balls made me moan again, but
this time of pain and not of pleasure, as I did in the bathhouse,
although it sounded similar. Fortunately, my Master left my balls
alone and began to stretch my hole with his hand, which made me moan
even louder."The guy who fucked was moaning too. As he began preteen barefoot girls to fuck me even
harder, I felt his dick expand inside my bowels and then his preteen blog pic dick
exploded. I reached my climax at the same time and shot a huge load
myself. The other guy stood up and left, while I was still lying
there in my own sperm with the other guys around."
Thanks for reading! If you send me some suggestions on how to
continue, I will try and write a fictional sequel. Please, write to
lionel AT gaylook DOT com. You can also contact me on gayromeo.com
under the nick: lionel-bln. We can enact what follows in real life or
in a chat, if you wish.
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Friday, July 20th 2012

12:00 AM

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